On My Way To The Lilikoi Tree

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  • Astronauts and Authors…(On My Way to the Lilikoi Tree) an exciting find in the lineup at BEA 2015.” – Los Angeles Times

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The History Channel Presenter gives Book Review.

  • “This is a delightful story, full of understandable and very sympathetic characters.  It is a wonderful aid to helping young children learning to read.  The illustrations are beautifully done and add so much to the story.  Having visited the island years ago, we greatly enjoyed it, and this truly lovely book took us all the way back there!  We recommend it very strongly.” -Lionel Fanthorpe, Presenter on The History Channel

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Readers Favorite 5 Stars

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The real reviewers here are my 3-year-old twins. Every since I first read it to them (months now), they ask over and over for Lilikoi Book, Lilikoi Book! It is a wonderful story, and as someone who loves Hawaii, I love that it has aspects of Hawaiian nature, life and culture about which the kids ask questions. My kids know all the characters by name and sometimes pretend they are them. Truly a delightful read, and it’s been in our Top 10 list from the day we got it. 

I have given this book to my 8-year-old grandson. The story captured his attention from the first page. He loved the illustration. He asked to read it every time he came home for a visit. He also took it to his school and read to his classmate. His school is considering adding the book in their library. I would recommend this book to schools and libraries. Cannot wait to give my grandson another book by the author. -Laila El-sissi, Author

When I first read this book, it made my smile and reminisced fondly of Hawaii. I got happy thinking of the places mentioned in this book. Although this book may have been written for children, I enjoy reading it again and again. The characters remind me of the diversity and cultures in Hawaii living together in perfect harmony. Thanks Jonna for this awesome book. 

On My Way to the Lilikoi Tree is a wonderful treat for parents and children alike. From the start, my kids asked me to read this book to them over and over! It’s literally one of their favorite books, which they bring to me and ask me to read to them. They know everyone’s names, and love talking about the culture of Hawaii. And most fun of all, the word Lilikoi is almost a daily refrain in our houseful. (Refrain as in the chorus to a song heard more than once!) -Dakin Ferris, Attorney, Author, Dancer Oakland, CA

On My Way to the Lilikoi Tree On My Way to the Lilikoi TreeA children’s story that takes place on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
This island is known as “The Gathering Place” where Fluffy Fluff (the rabbit) meets Honu (the turtle), Hula-Hula (the bear), and the Hinas (two seal pups). Their adventure begins in their quest to find the Lilikoi Tree. They explore the island through sharing, caring, and harmony in the Spirit of Aloha.

5 Stars! -Readers’ Favorite, 2017

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, 2016

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