September 6, 2016 – Mission start date begins at Johnson Space Center for the new crew of HERA at NASA and will close out the studies for the end of the year. The selectees are Horodyskyj, Huhn, Kerr, and Ocampo.  This 51-day mission will begin training up and then going into isolation for 30-days.  “The research studies examine small team processes, human factors, nutrition, sleep and fatigue, stress and resilience,” says Dr. Laura Landon of Behavioral Health and Performance Element at NASA JSC.”

Human Exploration Research Analog

Human Exploration Research Analog

“The mission serves as an analog for the NASA Human Research Program (HRP) to study and evaluate impacts due to isolation, remoteness, and confined habitation. Investigators will be looking at psychological, human factor, physiological effects, and the developing countermeasures to reduce these impacts.” ~NASA HERA

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