The International Powerlifting Federation Pan Am Powerlifting Championships, represent the highest level of Lifters from over 20 Nations.  Jonna “JoJo” Ocampo, of the Phantom Warriors Powerlifting Team, has been competing in this sport since 1998.  Before coming to this team, she was a National Caliber Fitness and Figure Competitor.


 Jonna quickly moved up in the rankings in this sport, at the National and World level with her hard work and determination.  Within a year, she had her first honor of winning the Texas State Powerlifting Championships, thus earning her position to compete on the National level.  Her success continued, with winning and competing at State, National, Regional, and World levels events. Her love for the sport is evident by her long list of titles, and her ability to inspire others to join her in this sport.  She has also raised the profile of this sport by winning many Fitness and Figure Championships, proving that you can be Fit, Feminine, and strong.    Her strong anti-doping beliefs ensures that what she does is from natural abilities, and lots of hard work in the gym.


 All lifters must qualify at sanctioned meets at local and state levels before making it to the Nationals.  At Nationals, they must finish in the top 2 positions, in their weight class and age group to be selected for the USA Team.  Jonna is also a returning member of the USA 2007 Pan Am Team.  Participants MUST submit to random drug screening, anytime during the year without any prior notice.  These test are required by the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), which is the testing facility for all National and International events in the World Sports Organization.