It’s been terrific to have Jonna training me every week.  She’s a real “pro” who is qualified to coach me in strength, boxing and kickboxing.  I really like that Jonna has a tailored plan for me and is serious about my progress…strength, flexibility, fitness, and overall health.  She’s an expert at teaching perfect technique, varying the workouts, and at pushing for continuing gains.  I even have between sessions homework.  Imagine having a world-class athlete to guide you.  That’s what you get with Jonna.  I’m a mid-50’s guy and making great fitness gains with Jonna training me.
-J.E.F.   Dallas , TX


I am a Powerlifter and have been for 11 years. I have won several titles at the national level and one at the world level. Bodybuilding is strange to me for sure! Ok, I wanted to do my first Bodybuilding show before I got too old and at 44 I decided now is the time. To steal a quote from Bon Jovi,” It’s my life, it’s now or never, I ain’t gonna live forever!” I went for it, not knowing anything – how to train, diet, or cardio!  I had a few folks with ideals of what my diet should be like but had no idea how to train or what needed work.  I kept my power lifting workout and just added more reps and added two hours of cardio a day. Without knowing how to track my diet and food intake, I was at a loss. I pushed myself to the end of my limit running for two months straight with only 1652 calories a day.  Burning 1400 a day on cardio and probably another 500 at the gym, I was headed for trouble and I got it too. I was walking at work one day and felt kind of weak and almost passed out. My eye sight started going away and my left leg stopped working.  I had no clue what was happening to me. I sat down and called Jonna since I knew she had done fitness at the highest level to see if she could tell me what was going on.  I was so depleted that I went into a Hypoglycemic shut down.  Jonna’s advice kept me from a stay at the local hospital if not worse. I was so messed up from listening to the people I was working with, it cost me valuable time training for the Bodybuilding show and a weekend at the local clinic.  Needless to say, after the EKG, Blood work and a week and a half off, all of my further advice and training came from Jonna. Any advice I got from anyone else was bounced off of her before I started doing it. Jonna was the go ahead for me from this point on. She tweaked my diet, checked my workouts, and checked my photos to tell me where I needed to go and what I needed to do.  In three weeks from the time of the horrible crash of my system, I lost 40 pounds and competed in my first bodybuilding show. Without Jonna, I would have never made it to the show. I was scared to push my system again, for fear of a crash. She reassured me and told me, “Get your butt back in the game, you’ve worked too hard and are too close not to finish now.” Standing back stage at the Bodybuilding show, getting ready to walk up the stairs to go on stage, I knew that I had done it!  Winning or even placing was icing on the cake.  I didn’t make the top five, I placed 8th out of 9 competitors.  I did it though, I did it!  This was one of the most gratifying experiences I have had in my sporting career.  Thanks to Jonna and all she has done for me without hesitation, she helped me accomplish a life long goal of mine. I’m forever in her debt!
-Kevin Stewart, Seattle, Washington 


I want to express my appreciation to all the Men’s and Womens coaches for this Norway championship. They really helped each athlete reach their full potential during the meet.
Having both the Men and Women’s championship in one meet is an awesome experience. The lifting schedule where they alternated between the women’s and men’s weight classes every day was a great setup.
A special thanks goes out to Robert Keller who picked my numbers and Gary Grahn who kept me focused when I almost bombed in the bench and an “EXTRA” special thanks to Jonna ‘JoJo’ Ocampo. I severely strained my right leg “IT” band on my third squat. She worked on my right leg before my deadlift because I could barely set up for a sumo stance. With her help I was able to finish the meet with a big pull of 705 to lock up a silver.
-David Ricks


Jonna -Your “Bootcamp” class is a wonderful conditioning class.  Your class also gives me greater strength and endurance for the other sports I enjoy, cycing and cross-country skiing.  I am now better able to keep up with my husband in races.  It has helped me develop better muscle tone, which along with some weight loss, has allowed me to fit into smaller sized clothes.  Thank-you for motivating us to push the limits of our comfort zones and achieve better fitness and feel better.  ~C. Strauss, Dallas, Texas.


I love Jonna’s boot camp class.  She pushes me past where I think I can go.  I want that in an instructor.  I can have alot on my mind upon entering the class and by the end of the class I can think clearly again.  My core has felt strengthened since starting boot camp, about 8 months ago.  We do alot of abdominal work, which after having two kids, I really need.  We also do a lot of upper body and running, both which are very hard for me.  I have a body image problem and I do know that I feel good as a result of coming to her classes.  I schedule appointments around her classes so I don’t have to miss a class.  I don’t think the class would be as good without the tough love we get from Jonna.  I love it!!!  ~D. K., Dallas, Texas


Jonna’s workout class is the best workout class in my 15 years at Signature Club.  She is a hard worker (by example), the classes are fun and challenging.  Jonna, understands fitness and she is able to communicate instructions as well as help you get results and fulfillment. ~S. Giles, Dallas, TX.


To have the ability to represent your Country at an International event is a dream for most people involved in sports.  NINE (9) lifters are selected from the USA to compete, travel, represent, and show off the pride of America. USA Powerlifting, is the only US organization of the International Powerlifting Federation with over 5000 US members, and has shown the true spirit of this sport by winning the World and Regional Championships for the past 8 years. Jonna, being selected for this team is joined by the BEST that we have as a Nation to perform on the “BIG STAGE”.  She has EARNED that honor. ~Johnny A. Graham, International Powerlifting Federation, Vice President